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        About Us

        Guilin Sanli Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Guilin with picturesque scenery and convenient transportation. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of complete sets of technology for mechanical connection of steel bar. Products include complete sets of equipment for mechanical connection of reinforcing bars: thread rolling machine, upsetting machine, straight thread steel upsetting machine, hydraulic cutting machine of reinforcing bars, etc. All kinds of reinforcing bar joints: upsetting straight thread steel bar joints, steel bar taper thread joints, rolling straight thread steel bar joints, ribbed steel bar sleeves, extrusion joints, etc., and can provide various special joints and on-site construction services for reinforcing bar joints according to customers'needs. 。 The company has been engaged in mechanical connection of steel bar for more than ten years, and is one of the earliest professional companies in China engaged in this business.

        All kinds of mechanical connection joints of steel bars which have been developed successfully are suitable for the field connection of steel bars GB1499 and BS4449 of 10~50 in the beams, columns, slabs, walls and foundations of reinforced concrete structures in industrial and civil buildings. They can be used to connect steel bars of the same or different diameters, vertical or horizontal. They can also be used as pre-embedded joint of steel bars, which is conducive to the realization of prefabricated assembly construction, sliding form construction and reverse construction, especially. It is gradually replacing welding and binding joints in the construction of reinforcing bar joints with super-long, densely arranged, multi-layered, large area of thick diameter and multi-shape components which are not allowed to be disconnected, so as to save energy and time.

        The company's steel upsetting machine, wire rolling machine series equipment technology is leading, with reasonable structure, light and flexible, simple operation, reliable quality, high production efficiency and other advantages, widely applicable to major high-rise buildings, highways, subway, bridges, power stations and other processing sites, has been widely used in Hong Kong, Macao and more than 20 urban areas, highly praised by users. 。

        The company adheres to the tenet of "technology is the foundation, quality is life, users are God", and is always committed to the research and promotion of new technology of mechanical connection of steel bar. Fully grasp the advanced technology and equipment and scientific management methods of the same industry at home and abroad, combine with the actual situation of the domestic construction industry, constantly develop new products, introduce new technologies, maintain the advantages of technology and quality, and contribute to the development of the construction industry.

        Because of the specialty, so professional!


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